The Loss of a Loved One – Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye as a way of grieving the loss of a Loved One

grieving processIn case of loss of a loved one, we need time to grieve. Each person has his or her way of grieving and depending on one’s personality the time taken differs. There are stages that are normally passed through. When death occurs, we need to find a way in which we can say goodbye to our loved ones for us to move on with life.

When letting go of someone we loved or something we treasured, it is allowed to grieve in order to smooth out our lives and embark on the normal life. You need to grieve at that time when a loss has occurred to avoid piling the effect. There are ways which can help you grieve over you loss and they are as follows.

Identify yourself with the emotions and try as much as you can to release them at the time of grieve. Suppressing your feelings will make them pile up and become more difficult to handle because they will overwhelm you. Release your emotions by crying out the pain, talking to someone you love and trust. Crying is not a sign of weakness but a way of letting out your pain.

You should be able to talk to your friends and family about that person or pet that is gone. Keeping their good memories alive will help to reduce the pain of grief and loss and be able to live with the positive aspect of the good times you shared. Anyone would want to be remembered for the good deeds and contributions made by them.

Time heals wound and given enough of it, you will be able to get over your pain. It might take a short or a long period depending on what you’re doing about the whole grieving process.

The person left behind is the one who suffers not the deceased. Sometimes we tend to think that our loved ones are suffering wherever they are. You should try to make your life a bit comfortable and happy because the deceased are happy and free wherever they are.


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